What we offer

OSA Training and Education’s diverse corporate training and coaching programs are highly adaptable to the current business needs of clients and provide sustainable support for its trainees and partners.

With customized modules and tailor-fit coaching programs, OSA prepares you for higher personal and professional success.

OSA covers a wide range of organizational training and coaching programs to ensure that we provide your company with the appropriate solution.


How loyal are your customers? Does your company promote a strong customer service culture that ensures satisfaction and loyalty among your customers?

Maximize your frontliners and back office support by creating a unique service culture that delivers a satisfying experience for your customers.

How strong are your teams? Does each team member contribute to your company’s vision and your organization’s goals?

With our peer training modules, we will help you explore organizational culture and professional relationships to understand how these promote performance.



Does your pitch resonate and do your employees deliver the sales targets?

You can boost your sales team’s full potential through our comprehensive Sales and Marketing training and coaching programs.

Are you maximizing available technology in your processes? Do you have quick access to accurate information and, at the same time, utilize your current human resource?

You can enhance your existing processes through our IT services and training programs. It will help you expand your scope in Operations and innovate efficient processes for your teams.



Have you been running efficient project implementations? Succeed in managing costs and risks effectively and carefully.

Through our Project Management coaching and training, our Six-Sigma certified consultants can help you monitor your project cycle and drive results.

Are your people up at par with global standards in business communication?

Upgrade your employee’s professional interactive skills through the use of written and spoken Business English.



How do the employees in your company feel in general?

Our Employee Engagement Training courses will help you create unique employee initiatives and a culture that promotes growth and self-development.

How efficiently does your leadership manage their staff and support your company’s growth?

Maximize success among your leaders and managers by strengthening their management, planning, organizational and evaluative skills that bring in direct results for your company.



Do your people creatively diversify your communications? Do these messages reflect the kind of public perception you want for your company?

Make your employees adaptable to the changing trends to get your resources up at par with global standards through our Multimedia Arts coaching and support programs.