One of the Managers from your Stream has expressed the need for a “Time Management” workshop for his associates, analysts and supervisors, comprising of 36 FTE’s. It has become a standard for team members to extend their work hours while complaining that people on the other shift are not pulling their weight. Each shift seems defensive and thinks that they are working harder than the other.

The team is experiencing delays in turn-around time. Errors, re-work and customer complaints have gone up. Finger-pointing has become a norm. Some have expressed that they feel over-stretched.

The Manager wants his team to work “smarter,” not harder,” hence, the request for a “Time Management” workshop. He believes that the workload is realistic. The Manager does not want to upset the team members by changing their schedules and rotating their team assignments.

As a learning professional, how will you move forward with this request? What will be your next step? How will you approach the situation? What will you recommend?

As a group, provide a response for each of the following:

  1. How will you respond to the manager?
  2. What factors will you consider?
  3. What will be your next step?
  4. Summarize your recommendations
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