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LOCKDOWN ONLINE LEARNING SESSIONS # 2: Managing and Influencing Virtual Teams

April 13, 2020, 3:00pm to 4:30pm and 8:00pm to 9:30pm via Zoom.us COURSE OVERVIEW Probably by now, we have realized how the virtual workplace differs so greatly from a face-to-face work environment. As most of us abruptly transition to more remote working conditions, newer challenges in communications, capabilities and resources arise. And with the recent COVID-19 Outbreak, we […]

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LEADERSHIP: Building a Virtual Team Culture

The challenge for managers of multi-cultural teams is to build an atmosphere of camaraderie, mutual respect, effective communication, and productivity despite differing worldviews and physical environments. In essence, as a manager or team leader, you must take a disparate group of people and cultures, and developing culture that is a culmination of the best of […]

LEADERSHIP: Team Accountability in a Virtual Environment

How can you create accountability among the people in your virtual teams? Fortunately, there are many best practices from experienced virtual managers – working managers like yourself. Here are some of their practical suggestions. As you read this list, choose a few items that resonate with your situation, and try them out with your team. […]

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Why Job Security, Holidays and Benefits Aren’t Good Enough

One noted behavioral scientist, Frederick Herzberg, in his 2-Factor Motivation Theory (1959) made a distinction between job dissatisfaction and satisfaction. He argues that Satisfaction for an employee comes from truly motivating factors such as interesting and challenging work, utilization of one’s capabilities, opportunity to do something meaningful, recognition of achievements, and responsibility for one’s own work. Dissatisfaction […]

The Art of Questioning During Difficult Conversations

We all have favorites: that’s human nature. But exhibiting favoritism in the workplace, especially among leaders, is the perfect recipe for causing difficult behaviors in others. As leaders, we must appear fair-minded and even-handed in our management of others, so as to maintain our credibility. Though let’s face it – it is difficult to step […]