Aklan, Philippines – Leaders, team members and partners from Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment, Inc. attended a teambuilding event on March 28, 2023, at the Savoy Hotel, Boracay to optimize cross-functional teams through collaboration and interdependence. The event’s objectives were to build trust among and across teams, apply collaborative communications in daily interactions, achieve shared goals by sharing information and ideas, encourage cross-functional interdependence, and establish ownership and accountability.

Team members engaged in various activities to achieve these objectives, such as effective feedback sessions, brainstorming, and establishing group processes. The event encouraged cooperation, teamwork, trust, and interdependence among team members.

The event also promoted psychological safety within and among teams by creating an inclusive, safe space for participants. By establishing a clear and safe communication channel, participants were encouraged to provide feedback and clarity of communication within and among teams.

The 2-day exercise gave participants a deeper understanding of the importance of cross-functional teams and how they can work collaboratively through culture building, and psychological safety while achieving shared organizational goals.