Bataan, Philippines – Mekeni Food Corporation partnered with OSA Training and Education to conduct their Sales Rally and Team Development Programs. Conducted on April 19, 2023, at the La Jolla Luxury Resort, MFC’s Executive Team, senior and team leaders attended the event, which was facilitated by OSA’s Chief Learning Architect, Orly S. Agawin, and was co-facilitated by Gem T. Manalansang, Gege Cruz-Sugue, Joanna Katrina Magalong and Iris Samson.

The OSA team designed, prepared, and moderated exercises that encouraged Mekeni leaders, stakeholders, and team members to share their experiences and insights, creating a space for open dialogue and fostering a sense of community within respective groups. Through these activities, participants identified behaviors promoting inclusiveness, support for others, creativity and innovation, collaboration, and working towards one strategy.

The facilitators’ expertise and guidance proved invaluable as the participants gained newfound knowledge and skills, allowing them to work together more cohesively and productively than ever before.

Gem T. Manalansang, OSA’s Senior Learning Architect, said, “Our team was honored to work with Mekeni Food Corporation to help them achieve their sales and team development goals. We designed activities that were tailored to the specific needs of the group, and we were thrilled to see the participants engage with each other and gain new insights.”

Mekeni Food Corporation is one of the leading food manufacturers in the Philippines, providing quality products such as sausages, hotdogs, and other processed meat products. By partnering with OSA Training and Education, Mekeni Food Corporation is taking steps to strengthen its team and improve its sales strategies, ultimately aiming to provide even better products and services to its customers.

Aklan, Philippines – Leaders, team members and partners from Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment, Inc. attended a teambuilding event on March 28, 2023, at the Savoy Hotel, Boracay to optimize cross-functional teams through collaboration and interdependence. The event’s objectives were to build trust among and across teams, apply collaborative communications in daily interactions, achieve shared goals by sharing information and ideas, encourage cross-functional interdependence, and establish ownership and accountability.

Team members engaged in various activities to achieve these objectives, such as effective feedback sessions, brainstorming, and establishing group processes. The event encouraged cooperation, teamwork, trust, and interdependence among team members.

The event also promoted psychological safety within and among teams by creating an inclusive, safe space for participants. By establishing a clear and safe communication channel, participants were encouraged to provide feedback and clarity of communication within and among teams.

The 2-day exercise gave participants a deeper understanding of the importance of cross-functional teams and how they can work collaboratively through culture building, and psychological safety while achieving shared organizational goals.

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